Multimedia screens

Multimedia monitors to entertain the rear seats passangers, allow you to play movies from USB/SD, or play videos from a connected phone. The monitors support common video formats up to a maximum resolution of 1080p. The sound can be listened to via the wireless headphones so that the driver can drive smoothly. The monitors can have other functions such as Wifi, Bluetooth, touch screen, FM transmitter for wireless audio transmission via your car audio system. Some models allow the same movie to be played on two monitors at the same time.

5 products
  • MH1010 Touchscreen monitor 10.1" with mirroring

    10.1" Inch touchscreen multimedia monitor lets you play movies and videos from a USB stick, SD card, and other multimedia source that is connected through the monitor's RCA video input. ...

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    MH1162R Monitor touch, mirroring, Android9

    The slim design multimedia touch monitor, system Android 9, screen 11.6” in diagonal, HDMI / USB / SD inputs and integrated speakers, is the ideal choice for safe watching movies or ...

  • MR1560G Monitor 15.6“ roof mount USB/HDMI

    Roof mount multimedia screen 15.6´´ of slim design (30mm) for comfortable movie watching, with HDMI / USB / RCA inputs with an IR / FM transmitter, allows you to ...

  • MR1011GTB Monitor 10.1“ roof mount USB/HDMI

    Roof mount multimedia screen 10.1´´ of slim design (20mm) for comfortable movie watching, with HDMI / USB / RCA inputs with an IR / FM ...

  • HP-IR2 Headphones wireless, 2x IR channel

    Wireless IR stereo headphones for multimedia monitors (if IR compatible), 2 channels allow the simultaneous connection of two headphones each to another monitor, black-gray design.