Roof antenna, AM/FM/GPS/TV, Shark2 CAL-7727085

CALEARO | CAL-7727085

Roof antenna, AM/FM/GPS/TV, Shark2

Roof antenna, AM/FM/GPS/TV, Shark2


  • dimensions: 11.7 x 7.6 x 6.2cm (LxWxH)
  • body hole diameter: round 19mm / square 15x15mm


  • GPS frequency range: 1575.42 (+/- 1.023) MHz
  • phantom power supply: 3-5V
  • gain:> 27dB
  • current consumption: max.30mA
  • VSWR: <2: 1
  • antenna lead length: 5m
  • GPS device connector: SMB female
  • antenna connector: RAST (cable 20cm)


  • TV frequency range:
  • 44-68MHz / 174-230MHz (III TV band) / 470-862 (IV TV band)
  • gain: 20dB
  • current consumption: max.40mA
  • separate power supply: 12V
  • antenna lead length: 5m
  • antenna connector: Jack mono 3,5mm


  • frequency range AM / FM: 0.52 - 1.71 / 88-108MH
  • phantom or separate power supply: 12V
  • without antenna lead
  • antenna connector: RAKU2 female (cable 14cm)

For cars

  • on the roof for cars or trucks
  • replacement for the original antenna
  • if another connector is required on the device side, a reduction can be used


Connector RAKU2, RAST2, FAKRA, SMB, w/o lead
Signal AM/FM, GPS, TV
Use Universal
Location rear
Manufacturer CALEARO

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