Qi Wireless charger, universal, 3 coils Qi UNI3

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Universal wireless car charger, supports Qi standard, for installation in car storage areas and armrests.


Universal wireless car charger, supports Qi standard, for installation in car storage areas and armrests. Wireless charging works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The phone must support Qi charging, the newest phones with Qi receiver already built in, others need to add special back cover with Qi reciever or just reciver itself which will be inserted behind the back case of a mobile phone. Just put your phone down to charger and charging starts automatically.

When mounting, it is necessary to attach a PBC with coils under a flat plastic surface of the interior of a car, so that a rubber pad with a marked target for the location of the phone is attached at the top of It. The distance between the coils and the phone surface must be between 3-8mm.


  • charging current: DC 5V / 1000mA
  • dimensions of rubber pad: 76 x 135mm

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