Immobilizers are devices designed to break important electric circuits in a vehicle (fuel circuit, starter, ignition...). They increase the vehicle protection against unauthorized engine start up. The immobilizer is deactived by switching a hidden knob, by placing an transponder to the reader or the most comfortable way - by contactless remote control system. The KEETEC and PANDORA branded immobilizers will help to secure your vehicle.

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Pandora IMMO bluetooth immobilizer

Pandora Immo is an advanced anti-theft system for vehicles. The system that is designed using high-efficient integrated solutions is convenient, reliable and easy ...

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Pandora IMMO

Keetec TS IMO contactless immobilizer

Anti-theft system KEETEC with smart detection and two circuits of immobilization. The system is active always if the transmitter is out of the range (engine ...

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