Car alarms

GSM car alarm does not only prevent a vehicle from an unauthorized use but also provides information on current state of the vehicle without any range limit. The vehicle is thus under control in all locations covered with GSM signal.

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Pandora SMART PRO v3

Pandora SMART PRO v3 is the latest generation of GSM car alarms to protect the vehicle against unauthorized use. The built-in 4G LTE modem in cooperation with the dual GSM antenna guarantees connection with the vehicle even in places with ...

Pandora SMART PRO v3

Keetec TS CAN car alarm

Innovated car alarm KEETEC TS CAN (rev 03.) with built-in CAN BUS module for vehicles with 12/24V power supply, controlled by OEM remote control, connection via CAN BUS or by analogue (for non CAN BUS vehicles).


Keetec TS CAN U car alarm with ultrasonic sensors

Innovated car alarm KEETEC TS CAN (rev 03.) with built-in CAN BUS module for vehicles with 12/24V power supply, ...


Pandora MINI CAN BUS car alarm

Pandora MINI is Modern premium quality car alarm with Bluetooth 5.0. wireless technology controlled by smartphone app. The latest generation 3D acceleration chip for vehicle tilt, shock and motion detection. 2x CAN bus connection, the system can ...


Pandora SMART GSM car alarm

Pandora SMART is an ultimate OEM key solution with an immobilizer RF tag and newest GSM modem for smartphone integration. Providing all the benefits of Pandora advanced security and remote start of the lower grade systems, it also conveniently ...

Pandora SMART v2

Pandora ELITE

Pandora Elite is a telemetric system for modern cars with direct connection to CAN bus. Powerful security complex Pandora Elite has a lot of modules and devices designed to protect the entire perimeter of the vehicle and ensure constant monitoring by the owner. The system uses the most modern base unit, as well as a new remote, which has an extended operating range, functionality and interference protection.

Pandora ELITE

Pandora ELITE GSM car alarm

Pandora ELITE is the market leader in car alarms and has been developed for the highest level of vehicle security. The system allows communication via modern interfaces (GSM-4G LTE, GPRS, RF 868 MHz-LoRa and Bluetooth 5.0) to achieve continuous ...

Pandora ELITE v2

Pandora LIGHT PRO two-way CAN BUS car alarm, Bluetooth

Pandora LIGHT PRO – is a premium car service-security system, built for cars with on-board voltage of 12V. It is a ...

Pandora LIGHT PRO v2

Pandora LIGHT two-way CAN BUS car alarm

Pandora LIGHT is an all-around convenient car security, remote start and telemetry system. It has a dialogue encrypted 2-way OLED remote that allows monitoring ...

Pandora LIGHT v2

Keetec Mistral MAX2 car alarm

KEETEC MISTRAL MAX 2 – new version of car alarm – it includes 2 pcs of remote controls, one zone shock sensor, relay output for central locking and trunk release, two AUX output, security loop, programming by PC and other features ...

Mistral Max2


Pandora PROFESSIONAL v2 was developed for the highest level of vehicle security. The system combines all available communication interfaces (GSM, GPRS, RF 868 MHz, and Bluetooth 4.2) to achieve continuous control on the vehicle.


Pandora CAMPER PRO v2 alarm system for caravans

Pandora CAMPER PRO is a premium security system developed for caravans and motorhomes. Thanks to the connection to the ...


Car alarm KEETEC TS 10

KEETEC TS 10 - Car alarm with hopping code, 2pcs of remote controls RC MOTO and dual zone shock sensor, engine immobilizer, trunk control, lock reminder, searching, remote central door locking, etc...

TS 10

SEAT COVER 1 protective seat cover

Universal seat cover with Pandora logo for one seat.


Pandora CAMPER MINI alarm system for motorhome

Pandora CAMPER MINI is specially designed to protect your motorhome. The system provides reliable security of a cabin ...


Keetec AR 103 backup electronic siren

Advance Electronic siren with built-in battery. 1-tone, 115 dB, 20 W

AR 103

Pandora RMD-8 relay module

Relay modul with temperature sensor for systems SMART, ELITE, PROFESSIONAL.

Pandora RMD-8

Pandora DI-4 bluetooth bypass module

Pandora DI-04 is a wireless bypass module designed to simulate the presence of an original key in the vehicle for remote start.

Pandora DI-4

Keetec RF SMART 4P additional security module

RF SMART 4P is an additional module for car alarm TS CAN (ver.USB), which is used to identify an authorized unlocking of the vehicle and subsequent deactivation ...


Keetec SIREN module

SIREN MODUL identifies the original alarm for use with GPS locator KEETEC SNIPER. The module is used with original car alarms and car alarms with coded sirens that have no output for pager with additional equipment such as GSM pager, GPS locator.

SIREN modul