DVS Systems

DVS safety system installed will improve the truck driver's view of vulnerable groups of people along the vehicle (on the right or left side) as the vehicle starts up and the turn-off maneuver begins. More and more areas / urban agglomerations require an installed DVS safety system as a condition of permission for the entry of trucks, in order to protect the lives of cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians ...

The safety equipment needed to install, to apply for a permit as a zero star reted vehicle, for LONDON city:
• fully operational camera monitoring system
• sensor system with driver alerts
• audible vehicle manoeuvring warning for left turns (or right turns if the vehicle is left-hand drive)
• warning stickers
• side-underrun protection
• class V and VI mirrors

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SS-4200W Side ultrasonic detection dvs

SS-4200W Detects an obstacle using 4 ultrasonic sensors. It is installed on the side of the truck. The coverage range is adjustable up to 2.5m. The Mute function ...

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Warning stickers ANGLES MORTS - Blind angle, designed for trucks, 3pcs.

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TS-001ECU Side indicators module

The Module is designed to turn the side detection system on automatically, while the side signal light is turned on (to the left or to the right). The side ...

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LS-60-A Speed module

The Module is designed to turn the side detection system on automatically, depending on the actual speed of the vehicle. The side detection is thus active at low speeds only, for example up to 20 km/h. The speed treshold value can be set as ...

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TCO-47 Switch pulse

Module and switch designed for manual deactivation of the external accoustic signalisation of side detection or reversing signaling. It is recommended to turn off the audible alarm between 23:30 and 07:00.

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TFT7HD4 Monitor 7" AHD 4ch 4split 4PIN 12/24V

AHD Monitor 7" for vehicles, supporting up to four cameras to connect, simultaneous multiple view, M12 4PIN screw plugs, 1024x600 resolution, for 12/24V on-board ...

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CAM5HD Camera mobile to side AHD, 4PIN, auto IR

AHD Camera 720p for vehicles, with auto IR, to display on AHD monitor, powered from monitor via M12 4PIN screw plugs, ...

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GR-01 Accoustic signalisation external

Audible reversing alarm 12-48V, 100 dB. Easy installation, mounting 2 screws and connecting 2 wires (+/-). Dimensions 102 x 69 x 40 mm

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M12 5m Camera cable 4PIN female-male

Cable enables the camera / monitor connection, transmits signal to monitor and power to camera, 5 meters lenght, screw connectors M12 4PIN male and female.

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M12 5m