LED bulbs

Mini LED bulbs are used as a replacement for filament bulbs in the vehicle. The advantage is long life, higher brightness, white or light-blue light color. The CANBUS function prevents the message of a burned-out light bulb after replacing it with an LED version.

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Michiba HL 515A LED bulb BAU15s CANBUS, amber

CANBUS LED bulb MICHIBA with BAU15s base (PY21W), light color amber, designed for direction indicators only, 1 piece in the package.

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HL 515A

LED T10 2-150 LED bulb T10, 150lm, CANBUS, white

CANBUS LED car bulb, T10 base, white light, 2 x LINE COB LED, luminous flux 150lm. Suitable for parking lights, license ...

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LED T10 2-150

Michiba HL 390 LED 3D bulb sufit 36mm, white

LED bulb MICHIBA with festoon 36mm base, "3D" technology, white light, power supply 12V, suitable for license plate lights, interior, use of the bulb ...

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HL 390