Cruise control accessories

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CM35 cruise control lever

Cruise control lever (increasing and decreasing speed, memory to 2 preset speeds). The control lever is mounted on a plastic cover of steering wheel.

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CM22 cruise control panel wireless

Cruise control panel, wireless (set, increase, decrease, resume functions). The panel is designed to be installed on the right side of the steering wheel, for ...

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AP900Ci PROG cable programming cable

Programming cable for AP900Ci cruise control.

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AP900Ci PROG cable

AA 142 magnetic speed sensor 2 magnets

Additional magnetic speed sensor with 2 magnets. It is used to detect vehicle speed and the torque generated by electrical impulses.

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AA 142

AP900C PROG cable programming cable

Programming cable for AP900C cruise control.

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AP900C PROG cable

AA 177 clutch pedal switch

Additional clutch pedal switch. It can also be used to monitor other pedals, resp. door opening etc.

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AA 177