Car battery modules and chargers

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Kemo M188 Battery status panel 12V

The battery guard module, lighting the combination of three different color LED, indicates actual voltage of a 12V battery in five levels.


Pandora CHARGER Professional battery charger

Pandora CHARGER is a professional battery charger, developed especially to maintain and charge the battery during the installation of security systems. The system ...


Keetec TRIPLING Triple flashing module

Module for comfortable flashing of direction indicators - provides triple flash of directional lights after briefly press of the directional lights lever.


M 03 Rollup windows module for VW

Automatic window closure module for VW group vehicles. It close your windows after alarm activation by longer impulse.

M 03

Jump Starter 11200 Starting and charging emergency kit

Start & Recharge emergency kit with increased capacity, Jump starter 11200 is a small-size device designed to start ...

Jump Starter 11200