PF-1998 4D plastic frame 2DIN Opel Corsa Astra

CONNECTS2 | PF-1998 4D

Frame for car multimedia 2DIN for vehicles - OPEL Corsa C - Astra G - Vectra.... - silver

Plastový rámik - strieborná farba pre inštaláciu 2DIN autorádia pre automobily:

OPEL Agila (5/00->)

OPEL Corsa C (9/00-06)

OPEL Omega B (7/00->)

OPEL Astra G (02-04)

OPEL Vivaro

OPEL Vectra (02-05)

OPEL Signum (05->)

OPEL Tgra B (03->)

OPEL Meriva

Farba: strieborná

Veľikosť vnútorného otvoru 2DIN je 188.5 x 110 (Š x V)


Model of the car Vectra, Corsa C, Tigra B, Signum, Tigra, Omega B, Agila, Omega, Corsa, Meriva A, Meriva, Astra G, Vivaro, Astra
Size 2 DIN
Brand of the car Opel

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