The Russian car alarm market is the largest in the world, in harsh environmental and social conditions it is necessary to secure a vehicle. Crime statistics show that our domestic market has the largest share of car thefts worldwide - and we have learned to prevent this with maximum effectiveness. Pandora is proud to introduce you to a range of the best products in international markets. Our goal is an honest and clean business and quality and hard work on continuous improvement. We reinvest profits from sales in improving our equipment and diversifying our product range. We strive for autonomy and shorter production cycles, as they enable the fastest implementation of new design ideas.

Pandora's research and development department consists of Russia's top engineers, programmers and designers. It offers an opportunity to both young and older people. It combines traditional, reliable Soviet engineering with state-of-the-art technology to develop sophisticated electronic designs.

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Pandora RMD-BM relay modul BMW E-series

Relay modul with temperature sensor for systems SMART, ELITE, PROFESIONAL.

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Pandora RMD-BM

Pandora RMD-5M BLACK relay module

Relay module for Pandora systems.

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Pandora RMD-5M BLACK

Pandora DMS-100BT bluetooth magnetic sensor

Wireless magnetic switch for systems Pandora MINI, LIGHT PRO and SMART PRO.

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Pandora DMS-100BT

Pandora VS-22d 2 zones microwave sensor

Pandora VS-22 D is a microwave volume sensor for Pandora alarm systems. You may adjust warning and alarm triggering levels using buttons on sensor body or a ...

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Pandora VS-22d

Pandora Temp sensor temperature sensor

Temperature sensor for Pandora systems with 3-pin connector.

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Pandora Temp sensor

Pandora DMS-100BT WHITE bluetooth magnetic sensor

Wireless magnetic sensor for Pandora systems in white.

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Pandora DMS-100BT WHITE