The Russian car alarm market is the largest in the world, in harsh environmental and social conditions it is necessary to secure a vehicle. Crime statistics show that our domestic market has the largest share of car thefts worldwide - and we have learned to prevent this with maximum effectiveness. Pandora is proud to introduce you to a range of the best products in international markets. Our goal is an honest and clean business and quality and hard work on continuous improvement. We reinvest profits from sales in improving our equipment and diversifying our product range. We strive for autonomy and shorter production cycles, as they enable the fastest implementation of new design ideas.

Pandora's research and development department consists of Russia's top engineers, programmers and designers. It offers an opportunity to both young and older people. It combines traditional, reliable Soviet engineering with state-of-the-art technology to develop sophisticated electronic designs.

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Pandora POWER CAB harness

Power supply cables for Pandora systems

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Pandora LED / VALET button

Valet button with LED indication for Pandora systems.

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LCD remote control for Pandora PROFESSIONAL Pandora D-468

LCD remote controller for Pandora PROFESSIONAL.

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Pandora D-468

Pandora PS-332 bluetooth backup siren

Bluetooth backup siren for Pandora systems.

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Pandora PS-332

Pandora D-030 two-way remote control

Two-way remote controller for easy control of Pandora systems in Bluetooth range

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Pandora D-030

Pandora ALT-205 measuring device

Multifunctional auto electrician’s device that was designed for modern car electrics

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Pandora ALT-205

Pandora PS-331BT bluetooth siren with temperature sensor

Bluetooth siren with temperature sensor for Pandora systems.

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Pandora PS-331

Pandora BT-760 remote control

Contactless remote for Pandora.

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Pandora BT-760

Pandora PS-330 siren

Piezoelectric Siren Pandora PS-330 with high acoustic pressure and waterproof design.

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Pandora PS-330

Pandora D-078 LCD remote control

LCD driver for Pandora LIGHT.

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Pandora D-078

Pandora R-387 remote control

Service Controller for Pandora LIGHT, LIGHT +

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Pandora R-387

Pandora D-010 OLED remote control

OLED remote control for Pandora LIGHT+

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Pandora D-010

Pandora NAV-035

Pandora NAV-035 is a high-sensitivity GPS/GLONASS module uses 2,4 GHz for working with an alarm system base unit.

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Pandora NAV-035

Pandora EYE PRO GPS locator

Pandora EYE PRO is a state-of-the-art system designed to expand the Pandora MINI and LIGHT PRO offline systems with the ability to locate, control and control your vehicle with online mobile applications.

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Pandora EYE PRO

CV Pandora BT-760 plastic parts for remote

Plastic shell for remote control Pandora BT-760.

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CV Pandora BT-760

Pandora RMD-BM v2 bypass modul BMW E-series

Remote start connection module for BMW / MINI "E-series" vehicles with cloning function. Allows the remote start of the engine, without losing the spare ...

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Pandora RMD-BM v2

Pandora TOOLS SET PRO install tools kit

Set of tools for professional removal of plastic parts of vehicles.

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CV Pandora R-387 plastic parts for remote

Plastic shell for remote control Pandora R-387.

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CV Pandora R-387

CV Pandora D-010 plastic parts for remote

Plastic shell for remote control Pandora D-010.

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CV Pandora D-010

Pandora RFM-470 radio module 868 MHz

Module for 868 MHz radio communication with Pandora systems Pandora Elite v2 a Pandora Smart Pro v3.

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Pandora RFM-470