Pandora RHM 03BT radio relay module

Pandora | Pandora RHM-03BT

Expansion wireless relay module for Pandora systems.

The wireless relay module uses a radio signal with Bluetooth 4.2 to control the 2.4GHz data, the module enables siren control, pre-heater and engine blocking. It features a built-in accelerometer and also wirelessly communicates and sends data from the temperature sensor. The module is Pandora MINI, SMART -compliant and Pandora compatible, and is designed to be installed in a 12-volt vehicle in the engine compartment.

Technical parameters?

  • Operating frequency: 2,4GHz-2,5GHz,
  • Coding: AES,
  • dimensions: 95 x 54 x 19 mm,
  • power voltage: 9-18V
  • Current consumption in active state: no more than 6mA,
  • Current consumption during blocking: no more than 80mA.


Type Car alarms
Manufacturer Pandora

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