Pandora D-10 OLED remote control

| Pandora D-10 MOTO

OLED driver for Pandora MOTO EU.

2-way LCD remote

  • OLED-display.
  • 3 control buttons (arming and disarming buttons, multifunctional button).
  • Vibration confirmation of the button press.
  • Vibrating alert.
  • Built-in sound indicator (16 notification ringtones).
  • Built-in light indicator (SEND/ALARM).
  • Arming/disarming status indication.
  • Security zones indication.
  • Current time indication.
  • Temperature and voltage indication.
  • Battery level indicator.
  • Time synchronizes with the base unit for exact time stamp in the event history.
  • Prompt remote access to the sensitivity settings of sensors (shock/tilt/motion).
  • View event history with time and event stamps.
  • Automatic control of RF coverage zone.


Accessories Remote controls
Manufacturer Pandora
Hmotnosť 0.032 kg

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