Pandora BTR101 radio relay

| Pandora BTR-101

Wireless blocking relay for systems Pandora systems

Wireless blocking relay with integrated accelerometer to identify vehicle movement with the option of blocking the engine when attempting to move the vehicle. The relay is designed for Pandora systemsT.

The relay operates in 2.4GHz bandwidth and is equipped with a highly sensitive accelerometer with reliable motion detection to block the engine when attempting to tamper This feature, along with the wireless communication, complicates to locate the blocking device for an intruder, but also makes it possible to use the system even in vehicles with a remote start function. Of course, it is also possible to individually adjust the sensor sensitivity.

Software can be updated directly using mobile devices with OS Android.


Accessories Accessories
Type Car alarms
Manufacturer Pandora
Hmotnosť 0.233 kg

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