OBD GPS locator for vehicles with IPM with OBD Loc IPM EU 12 service

| OBD Loc IPM EU 12

Unique and sophisticated system for security and online GPS tracking for passenger cars or vans with intelligent management of battery charging, designed to diagnostic OBD-II socket. It is delivered with an active SIM card and prepaid 12 months long localization service within the EU countries.

OBD Loc IPM provides guarding and GPS location of vehicles through GPS/GLONASS/GPRS locator in versions for diagnostic OBD-II socket. It is designed for passenger cars and vans equipped with intelligent management of battery charging, IPM*.

*IPM – Intelligent Power Management System
IPM is a system of an intelligent management of the onboard voltage level of vehicle and control of battery charging. Vehicles without IPM system have onboard voltage after the engine starts in the range of 13.8 – 14.5 V. Vehicles equipped with IPM system have onboard voltage when the engine is started in the range of 12.2 – 15.6 V. IPM system in vehicles serves for the efficient use of energy, increases the life of the vehicle’s battery and it is able to recharge the battery even at frequent short rides.

The installation of the OBD Loc IPM is based on its connection to the diagnostic connector. For hidden installation or in case of inappropriate placement of the original OBD-II socket it is possible to use an extension cord. To keep the diagnostic socket accessible when the GPS device is connected, it is possible to buy OBD-II cable hub.

OBD Loc IPM is equipped with internal backup battery which ensures communication with the server even after disconnection from the power supply, disconnection of the GPS device from the OBD-II socket, or in case of sabotage. The user is notified in case of power loss.

OBD Loc IPM allows various settings of guarding mode:

  • Automatic mode with the function of planner
  • Manual activation and deactivation of guarding
  • Automatic evaluation of the movement of the vehicle after the ignition is switched off. Movement of the vehicle without switching on the ignition will be evaluated as a warning event.

Main device properties

  • Usage in vehicles with IPM - Intelligent power management system
  • Does not require fixed, professional installation - enough to plug in to the OBD-II socket
  • Possibility of using alternately in various vehicles
  • Variable placement option – using of extension cables
  • The possibility of preserving the diagnostic socket – using of cable hub
  • Backup battery - allows to detect and alert the user to disconnect the power supply
  • Various securing mode - automatic mode or manual activation/deactivation

OBD Loc IPM device is able to evaluate and send alert to:

  • Start/Stop of the vehicle's engine
  • Connection/disconnection of power supply
  • Induction of shakes in the vehicle
  • Unauthorized movement - e.g. vehicle towing
  • Low battery power of the vehicle
  • Loss of data connection with the GPS Loc server

Price of the OBD Loc EU12 solution includes:

  • localization unit
  • active SIM card with prepaid 12 months localization service within the EU countries

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