Neoline S31 Onboard camera, WDR, upto 64GB

Neoline | Neoline S31

Full HD mini dash camera NEOLINE, with 140° viewing angle, 1.5 "display, G-sensor, WDR, possibility to lock the video currently being recorded, for 12/24V system vehicles, 64GB SD card support, power adapter also for permanent installation. The camera includes a manually adjustable CPL filter to remove glares in sunny weather, mini "U" bracket and suction cup in the package.

Full HD mini dash camera NEOLINE, with 140° viewing angle, 1.5 "displayG-sensorWDR, possibility to lock the video currently being recorded, for 12/24V system vehicles, 64GB SD card support, power adapter also for permanent installation. The camera includes a manually adjustable CPL filter to remove glares in sunny weather, mini "U" bracket and suction cup in the package.

Technical parameters:

  • Video Resolution: Full HD 1920x1080 (30fps)
  • Video format: MP4 (H264 compression)
  • WDR: Optimization of brightness at dark/light
  • View angle: 140°
  • Display: Built-in, 1.5” 
  • CPL filter - rotating polarizing filter prevents glares in sunny weather
  • Speaker and Microphone: Built-in
  • G-sensor
  • Recording Interruption Signal: The camera makes sound if recording is interrupted
  • Motion detection: a function suitable for a parking vehicle (camera must be powered by external power)
  • Cycling Recording: 1, 2, or 3 minutes of recorded files
  • Automatically turn on recording
  • Date and Time - option to display on record
  • Vehicle registration number - the option to enter and display on the record
  • Micro SD slot: 8GB to 64GB capacity support
  • Parking mode: No
  • Capacitor built-in
  • Menu language: english, russian
  • Storage temperature: from -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Operating temperature: -10 °C to +40 °C
  • Camera Power: DC 5V, 1.5A
  • Adapter power supply: DC 12V/24V
  • Camera dimensions: 65 x 19 x 36mm
  • Camera weight: 58g

Package Included: Camera, USB Cable Short, USB Cable Long, CL/USB Adapter, U Holder, Suction Cup

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