LED daytime running lights DRL 9V


LED daytime running lights, R87 approval - 18x PIRANHA LED with low power consumption and automatic on/off switch, waterproof, dimensions O90 x 69 mm, special 4point mounting


LED daytime running lights - for vehicles with power supply 12/24V, high performance LEDs with low current consumption, automatic ON/OFF, waterproof exterior design, approval by decree ECE R 87, circular design, special 4point mounting.


  • Dimensions: O90x39 mm
  • LED diode type: 18 x LED Piranha
  • current consumption in 12V: 0,31A
  • current consumption in 24V: 0,16A

The advantages of daytime running lights:

  • Improving the visibility of the vehicle. Especially when driving against the sun
  • Reduce electricity consumption in the vehicle resulting in a reduction of fuel consumption
  • Longer life of lamps and xenon lamps in the vehicle, given using of daytime running lights during day
  • Automatic ON/OFF of daytime running lights after turn ignition ON/OFF without use of additional automatic switches
  • Long life LEDs
  • Power supply 12 /24 V


Manufacturer Keetec
Power Suply Power Suply 12/24VDC

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