Keetec BS 150 parking assistant


Park Assist KEETEC BS 150 with 3 ultrasonic sensors placed in the holder of registration / license plate. It is installed to the place of the original license number holder.


Park Assist KEETEC BS 150 with 3 ultrasonic sensors inegrated into the holder of rear license plate. Easy instalation, just to replace the original license plate holder and to drill one hole for cabling. The acoustic buzzer located at the rear of the vehicle inform the driver by the acoustic signals. The kit is designed for cars with on-board voltage of 12V. Installation is much easier and faster comparing to the parking assist with individual sensors in the bumper.


  • Control unit  
  • License plate holder with 3 integrated sensors  
  • Piezo buzzer  
  • Installation material  
  • Installation manual


  • Supply voltage 10V - 15V  
  • Working temperature -40 ° C to +80 ° C  
  • Power consumption 4W (max.)  
  • The scanning range 0.1 to 1.5 m  
  • Maximum volume 85 db  


Manufacturer Keetec
Display Without display
Sensors colour black matt
Power Suply Power Suply 12VDC
Sensor type Basic

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