Escort MAX CI radar detector


Built-in radar detector ESCORT MAX ci - currently the best protection for your vehicle against a wide range of radar systems.

Built-in radar detector ESCORT MAX ci currently the best protection for your vehicle against a wide range of radar systems.

The main advantages and functions of Escort MAX or:

  • excellent detection without false alarms thanks to the GPS module
  • GPS database of fixed radars, the possibility of downloading updates
  • radar detector with TotalShield technology, so the device is not detectable even by detectors used by the police in some countries
  • draws attention in advance to the positions of fixed speedometers and cameras at traffic lights
  • the possibility of setting only the necessary radar bands allows its use in all EU countries
  • the radar detector has a dual antenna to maximize radar sensitivity
  • crystal clear voice alerts
  • discreet installation
  • miniature control panel

Antiradar has several functions that work in conjunction with GPS. The functions thus provide the anti-radar with greater possibilities of using the location of static radars or unwanted alarms

The main advantages of antiradar are functions such as:

  • TrueLock (manual marking of a false alarm by the user)
  • AutoLock (which identifies each received signal and automatically eliminates false alarms)
  • AutoLearn (automatic remembering of the location of sections with false alarms for the third time)
  • MarkLocation (the function is used to manually mark positions that the anti-radar will alert you to)
  • AutoSensitivity (a function that reduces the number of false alarms), etc.
  • The Escort 9500ci has an alphanumeric LED display with excellent readability in all lighting conditions.
  • It includes automatic brightness control as well as 5 levels of adjustment, including complete display off.

The Escort 9500ci is also equipped with a laser detector with a sensor built directly into the radar head. However, the detection function of the laser meter is only informative, as the meter beam itself is detected only after its impact on the measured vehicle. As the laser meter evaluates the vehicle speed in 0.5-1.5 seconds, the reaction time to the speed change is insufficient. For 100% protection against laser meters, we recommend combining with a laser jammer LASER INTERCEPTOR or ANTILASER.

Detection bands:

  • X - band 10, 525 GHz ± 25 MHz
  • K - band 24, 150 GHz ± 100 MHz


  • K1: 24, 050 GHz - 24.109 GHz
  • K2: 24, 110 GHz - 24.174 GHz
  • K3: 24, 175 GHz - 24.250 GHz


  • KMTR: 24.050 GHz - 24.150GHz

Bands for RAMER:

  • Ka-superwide band 34.700 GHz ± 1300 MHz
  • Ka1- narrow 33.392 GHz - 33.704 GHz
  • Ka2- narrow 33.704 GHz - 33.896 GHz
  • Ka3- narrow 33.886 GHz - 34.198 GHz
  • Ka4- narrow 34.184 GHz - 34.592 GHz
  • Ka5- narrow 34.592 GHz - 34.808 GHz
  • Ka6- narrow 34.806 GHz - 35.166 GHz
  • Ka7- narrow 35.143 GHz - 35.383 GHz
  • Ka8- narrow 35.378 GHz - 35.618 GHz
  • Ka9- narrow 35.595 GHz - 35.835 GHz
  • Ka10-narrow 35.830 GHz - 35.998 GHz

Package contents

  • Control unit
  • GPS antenna
  • Display
  • Control panel
  • Front radar head

Technical specifications:

Radar antenna:

  • Dual-horn antenna Casting
  • Superheterodyne, double LNA
  • Scanning Frequency Discriminatory
  • Digital DSP signal processing


  • 280 LED Alphanumeric display
  • Bar Graph, Threat DisplayTM, or Tech DisplayTM
  • Automatic brightness control, plus 4 levels of adjustment

Operating voltage:

  • 10.6 V to 16.5 V DC
  • consumption 100mA - 220mA
  • negative skeleton

Adjustable functions:

  • Standby indication
  • Voice alarm alerts
  • Starting sequences
  • Signal strength indicator
  • AutoVOL TM
  • Display brightness and button backlight
  • Bands

Sensitivity setting:

  • AutoScan
  • Highway
  • City
  • City NoX

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