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The investor and the contacting entity was a large residential unit with the requirement to exchange the current audio system for a quality, fully-featured audio and video system. The installers wanted to cut down on time spent by at least 50% and wanted to connect all the external units to their monitors located approximately 300 meters away. There were 150 users in the living unit at the time and an extension to the building was in preparation.


Using the selected technology, which allows the connection of up to 240 users to a two-wire cable incorporating a power supply allows for the quick and easy installation of systems, whether it be for terraced housing, apartments or larger residential zones. The current system allows for connection over a distance of up to 350 meters; by using a signal amplifier systems can be implemented which are capable of transmitting signals up to 600 meters between outdoor units and monitors.

sony Before final selection of cameras, the installation firm performed a thorough camera test with representatives of the investor. They used several types of IP cameras, and on the basis of tests carried out under real conditions in an underground car park, they eventually chose high quality Sony IP cameras with WDR. Since vehicle headlights cause a problem for camera recording, especially in regard to image fidelity, it was necessary to take advantage of a special feature of Sony WDR cameras - VIEW-DR. The team’s decision was mainly based on the cameras’ high image quality. All cameras are mounted within a case. 

The software was developed by our company, working with a team of programmers, to modify the program in terms of functionality as well as graphics. The software is ready for further modification in the future, including the possibility of expanding to more cameras, as well as additional functions. 

The software is built on a client-server architecture. The main server runs a server application built on an SQL database service, to which all client computers are connected. It is then possible to perform all the required functions and statistics on these client computers as if from the server.



Critical sections were connected in the building using fibre optic cables, with a media converter located in the service room at every entrance. The cameras are connected by metallic category 6 FTP cable to the service rooms. Barionet 50 input/output devices are also located in the service rooms, which serve to control the ramps in the shopping centre.

Distribution of tasks:

After the investor specified their project, it was important to combine both the experience of our company, as a partner with experience in similar projects, together with that of the installation company, with its advantage of having experience with such large installations.

Benefits of the solution:

rozpoznavanie ecv

The investor reached a solution that provided a one-month overview of vehicles that repeatedly come and go from the facility parking lot at regular intervals and thus park there for free. They also gained valuable information about the purchasing behaviour of customers, which was applicable to their marketing campaigns. 

The installation firm, in cooperation with our company, tested and launched a system for identifying vehicle license plates to the satisfaction of the client with minimal impact on the operation of the parking lot by the assembly work. 

The resulting product was a combination of Sony cameras and our company’s registration software which met the exacting requirements of the investor and the installation company.