Investors and the contracting entity was a large residential unit with the requirement to exchange the current audio system for a quality, fully-featured audio/video system. The installers wanted to cut down on time spent by at least 50% and wanted to connect all the external units to their monitors located approximately 300 meters away. There were 150 users in the living unit at the time and a building extension in preparation.


Using the selected technology, which allows for the connection of up to 240 users to a two-wire cable incorporating a power supply allows for the quick and easy installation of systems, whether it be terraced housing, apartments or larger residential zones. The current system allows for connection over a distance of up to 350 meters; moreover, by using a signal amplifier, systems can be implemented which are capable of transmitting signals up to 600 meters between outdoor units and monitors. 

comelitThe system works with any cable, making it ideal for renovations thanks to the fact that it is possible to use existing wiring. With the help of the selected system, two-way communication is possible between up to eight audio or video devices without the restrictions of main or auxiliary inputs. Systems can also be assembled with an unlimited number of main and secondary inputs or even a security kiosk. The system is designed so that it is possible to add external colour cameras. With this technology it is possible to replace an external audio unit with a video unit and exchange an indoor speech unit for a monitor. 

The system´s simplicity, clarity and versatility is also demonstrated by the easy method of assembling the components. The power supplies together take up only 12 TE and can be fitted in an ordinary residential cabinet. In only a few seconds, one person can program the speech unit, screen and keyboard by setting the appropriate code on the DIP switch. The system includes a bus signal splitter with four outputs, which is also designed to handle complex facilities such as residential buildings or larger residential areas.



The system works flawlessly with any type of cable: specific cable from various manufacturers, two-wire cable, twisted and shielded cable as well as paired cable. The system is therefore suitable for renovations, as it can be used with the original cable, with no need to exchange for new. External and internal audio units can easily be replaced to achieve the desired new audio/video system. The system also features poleless connecting of devices. If you use cables with different characteristics, it may lead to a reduction in allowable distances between devices or reduction in video quality.


The sponsor is very satisfied with the resulting audio and video system; it contains all the makings of the functions required, it nicely matches the design of the building, and the installation was quick and easy without any problems encountered by the contractor or the installation company.