The youngest of all the divisions of TSS Group Inc. is the GPS monitoring division, which provides customized customer services in the field of GPS vehicle tracking, operational equipment and fuel consumption monitoring. It provides communication solutions with a large number of advantages. This division develops and delivers comprehensive solutions for transport monitoring for different types of companies as well as to private persons on the basis of HW and SW.

GPS Division runs its own GPS monitoring KeetecSAT, which belongs among the fastest - growing online satellite tracking systems on the Slovak and Czech market. KeetecSATIt is designed to monitor the position of vehicles, machinery and people. KeetecSAT brings to user easy operation and access to data through user friendly web platform. User can be connected to KeetecSAT via the Internet and use a number of useful features aimed at the fleet management.

Thanks to its functions such as journey log book monitoring, fuel consumption monitoring, and the possibility of separating private trips from business trips, this solution serves as a very useful aid for many employers. Additionally, it has a significant impact on fuel efficiency and securing vehicles against theft.

The GPS monitoring division team is divided into three separate departments, focusing on sales of GPS monitoring systems, implementation of business cases, and customer care.

The sales department performs sales services, which run through several sales channels. Business-technical representatives are the backbone of the sales department. These representatives connect customers with vehicle fleets. Moreover, they provide consulting to companies in the field of vehicle monitoring. In cooperation with customers, they define the main requirements for the functionality of a particular segment and they assist with designing a customized solution for each customer.

Another sales channel is through partners who cover sales, assembly and care for the end customer in the different regions.

The development department consists of programmers whose task is the systematic development and addition of new features ofKeetecSAT GPS monitoring. In addition to the long-term development of the monitoring system, this department also takes part in the implementation of finalised business projects as well as implementation of customer requirements within specific solutions for different segments. The development department plays a crucial role in the winning of business tenders and competitions. Hardware specialists are involved in the development of individual hardware components, required for operation of individual product solutions.

The technical support department includes technical claims and services representatives who provide assembly, consulting and customer care. In addition to its own customer care services, this department also manages the service support for various authorized assembly centres throughout the Czech and Slovak Republic.