Camera systems are absolutely indispensable for banks and other financial institutions, mainly because of the high risk of assault and theft. From 1 January 2006 the rules in force on mandatory security in all bank branches came to include operation of camera systems. With their highly preventive nature, these systems significantly contribute to employee safety.



Investors from a bank known world-wide submitted a request for a security overhaul in their financial institution. This bank needs thorough security of their clients’ monetary assets and protection against theft and fraud. One of the main requirements of the bank was 13 months of surveillance data archiving - to be accomplished with no more than 9TB of disk space. Another requirement was the monitoring of more than a hundred branches from the central bank as well as the possibility to export the recordings without affecting the bank’s operation in any way. The investor requested installation of high-definition IP cameras.


Based on considerations, conditions and requirements, the clear solution was to install an Avigilon Control Center system with video management software (NVMS) including HD Stream management (HDSP) along with Avigilon HD 1-3 megapixel cameras for monitoring main entrances, teller counters, vault doors, and ATMs. The system delivers excellent picture quality and wide coverage. To protect users' investments at other locations, the investor also wanted to update the existing CCTV systems in favour of Avigilon HD surveillance systems, due to their superior picture quality and advanced functionality. Their function would be to ensure the cash-handling areas found in each branch, reducing the risk of theft and fraud. The bank has invested in a variety of security solutions, including special security safes, electronic locks and alarm systems with motion and seismic sensors as well as glass breakage detectors. 


To achieve one of the main requirements of the investor - the 9TB minimum capacity for storage of the recordings from the megapixel cameras - H3 technology was used. This technology allows the simultaneous recording of full resolution as well as CIF camera resolution. For the first three months, archived recordings are available in full quality, i.e., 1 - 3 MP, but after 90 days only CIF resolution is accessible. The bank agreed to this solution because assaults and instances of fraud are almost always detected either immediately or within two months. If the bank had not opted for H3 technologies and the use of multiple megapixel resolutions, it would have had to arrange for a larger hard disk array, which would have been more costly in terms of maintenance and operation of the camera system. Thanks to the 3-MP cameras, the initial number of cameras in the bank was significantly reduced, as each camera can monitor two to three work stations, thereby reducing the cost of installation and maintenance of the CCTV system. The solution includes the Avigilon Network Video Recorder (NVR) with the required 13-month video archiving. This recording time is determined by law in the Slovak Republic.



The Avigilon system also has the same ADSL connection that is used for data communication, by which the bank’s staff can connect to the remote computer several hundred kilometres away, with transfer of data running smoothly thanks to the use of HDSP technology, which adjusts the bandwidth of network connectivity to the branch. The Avigilon system allows for the continuous addition of devices to the system, simply through buying and connecting a new camera, thus saving both time and money. POE power supplies are commonplace for all Avigilon cameras; therefore additional cabling was not required.

Benefits of the solution:

The primary task of camera systems to protect buildings is visualization of current events - the security situation - in monitored areas, and then, on the basis of video recording and eventual reconstruction of incidents, with the possible identification of the perpetrator / perpetrators. And precisely for this purpose, the Bank proceeded to restore the original camera system for Avigilon Control Center. Avigilon HD surveillance system provides much higher image resolution than the original analog recording recorded in CIF resolution, and this ensures better protection against theft and fraud. Also, the Avigilon Control Center software is very user friendly and thanks to the use HDSP technology, Avigilon Control Center efficiently compresses and preserves image quality sends only the desired portion in captured images on workstations. The original old analog system was saved a lot of unnecessary images. The indisputable advantage Avigilon cameras series B1 and B2, which were used in the project is the automatic focus and zoom motor, which allows the bank to change at any focal length of the camera and sharpened up the image of the central bank without having to exit the workplace.