BC UNI-05 Rearview camera analog RCA

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Universal rear view camera with guide lines, 1G3P chip, view angle 140°, metal body, installed by screwing (screw in vertical position).

Universal rear view camera with guide lines, 1G3P chip, view angle 140°, metal body, installed by screwing.

The camera must be installed so that the screw is in the vertical direction (not horizontal!)

Technical parameters:

  • 1G3P 1/4 "Sensor
  • effective pixels: 648x488
  • The number of TV lines: 480
  • Viewing angle: 140°
  • mirror image
  • with guide lines
  • poer supply: 12V
  • TV system: NTSC
  • weather protection: IP67
  • Minimum illumination: Less than 1 Lux
  • Electronic shutter: 1/60 1/10000 sec
  • signal cable length of 6 m ended with RCA connectors
  • power cable length 1 m

Camera not designed to install vertically (picture would be upside down displayed).


Signal analog
For cars passanger

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